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Sponsored Blog Posts and Sponsored Social Media Posts Policy

Solflower Studio accepts family-friendly, eco-friendly, green, fashion-forward, beauty, travel, nature, and health conscious Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Tweets from companies, as long as they pertain to Solflower’s blog, the blog author’s personal beliefs, and blog content. Sponsored Post listings are not to be confused with Guest Post listings.

  • If you are an independent writer or wellness/mom/travel/beauty blogger and interested in writing/submitting your guest post, please contact me at solflowerstudio@gmail.com

All posts and tweets will be considered. Approving postings/tweets are at the discretion of Solflower Studio’s author.

**Please note, Google has strict regulations regarding Sponsored Posts. All links within the post MUST have the rel=”nofollow” attribution. For links that do not have the “no-follow” attribution, then one will be coded in. NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies to Sponsored Posts AND Guest Posts from guest bloggers/independent writers, which are free. This is for the protection of your company and our blog. All Posts will be labeled as sponsored with taglines similar to ” -Sponsored, -Sponsor, -Ad, -Advertisement, -Sponsored Post, Guest, Guest Blog” and not limited to those options. I trust that you and your company are honest, value integrity and our blog, therefore have no issues with complying, or with my compliance with Google regulations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! **

Sponsored Post Pricing:

200-250 words posting ($10.00)

400-450 words posting ($15.00)

600-650 words posting ($25.00)

800-850 words posting ($35.00)

Sponsored Tweet Pricing:

140 characters or less* ($5.00 per tweet requested)

*Please note that Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, the post will be limited, attention-grabbing and include a link of your choice (Company page, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter account or Event page) for your company

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the article to be completed and up to 1 week for your Twitter post to be posted.

For sponsored posts, a final draft will be sent to Sponsor for approval and any minor editing necessary. For Twitter posts, a link and copy of the posted tweet will be sent to your company’s contact address.

All payments must be sent via PayPal to solflowerstudio@gmail.com BEFORE the article will be written. Please allow 2-3 weeks for article completion.

Only ONE article will be written, no re-writes will be made and no refunds.

Pre-Written Sponsor Articles

Sponsor articles, that are written prior to posting are accepted, upon approval by Solflower Studio. If you have a pre-written article, please email it to solflowerstudio@gmail.com along with this Email Subject:

 “Your Company Name: Sponsored Article Title” in the subject line.

Once payment is received, the article will be posted on a mutual date.

If you are interested in purchasing a Sponsored Post on Solflower, please contact us at solflowerstudio@gmail.com.