May Deals – Wellness in Honor of Mothers

by Amber Jenkins

Being a mother is not always a walk in the park. What I do know is that April showers bring May flowers. The storms of late nights, early mornings, temper tantrums, and fights to save the pieces of yourself that try to fade away bring us the sweet blooms of stick figure art, make-it-better kisses, personal cheerleaders, and unconditional love. Now is our time to celebrate our love, commitment, and sacrifice. No matter the journey, you ended up right here… reading this blog post. My guess is to dedicate time for a mommy’s self-care.

Other mothers have found a way to make mommying look effortlessly glamorous. That is simply not the case for all mothers, especially not me. I didn’t have the easiest journey transitioning into motherhood. Postpartum depression was bittersweet for me. It started to tear me down, and I traveled back to depths of rock bottom. However, my love for my children showed me just how strong I was, and I never let my feet hit the surface. Instead I climbed step by step figuring out how to be the best mom possible. As I continue to climb to the light, sometimes even tripping back down, I often try to bury my trauma from new motherhood. Maybe if I don’t think about it, it never happen? I know I can’t let the memories fade, because they show how society desperately needs a makeover for mother support. I aim to be a better friend and be there more for the community of mothers and mother figures who hide their breakdowns behind their super she-ro smiles in public. I hear you sis, and here is one way that I got you.

For the month of May, anyone who purchases a mother a sound bath meditation (sixty minutes) gift certificate will receive a discount at a cost of $50. Sixty minute sound bath meditations with a mother/child pair will cost $60. Mothers in this case include any woman who carried a fetus at phase, any woman who adopted, or any caretaker who took the mother role. The relationship does not have to be disclosed, and it does not have to be for the purchaser’s mother. You know in your heart if this is for you. I will also gift two sixty minute donation-based yoga with sound bath meditation for events focused on motherhood. Lastly, I will gift a sound bath meditation to a mom for labor and delivery assistance. The latter gifts are first come, first serve. I will only be able to travel to the client. More details can be obtained through booking inquiries.

Please share this with any mom who is stressed out, burned out, losing themselves, or finding themselves. Sessions for this deal must be booked and confirmed by May 31, 2023 and may be scheduled for the months of May or June. I am deeply grateful and look forward to mommies having a chance to exhale.

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