Why Should I Use Lavender Oil?

Why Should I Use Lavender Oil?

by @ambthegoddess

I’m sure many of you have heard of lavender oil by now. It is almost impossible to avoid when walking down half of the aisles in the grocery store! Many of my peers still do not know what the benefits of lavender actually are. Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy via inhalation or topically with direct application. The science behind aromatherapy consists of tiny receptors in our noses sending signals to the part of our brains that control emotions. So, feeling relaxed after smelling lavender is a biological reaction. I feel immediate relief when I smell the scent of lavender. Although I share my personal experiences in all honesty, they may not reflect and align with your experience.

Lavender oil may be pure lavandula angustifolia, which is extracted from English Lavender flowers. This type of lavender is often referred to as true lavender, because of how potent it is. The idea that other types of lavender, such as lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender) or lavandula hybrida (Lavindin Grosso), are not real lavender is a myth. These flowers may be different species of lavender but are still real lavender. Lavender 4042 is just just a blend of different species to have a consistent scent.

Lavender oil is used in so many ways that I would have to write a book to include them all. Lavender oil is used for patients being treated for dementia, kidney stones, diabetes, cancer, and more. We will also find it many household products, such as dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent, to replace toxic artificial fragrances. Below I have listed five reasons you may want to keep lavender oil in your home:

1. Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Stress is often one of the main factors of anxiety and depression. The relaxing effect of lavender can relieve stress, which can in turn relieve anxiety and depression. When feeling anxious, I add ten drops of lavender oil to my bath or oil diffuser. I also keep lavender oil in my car, so I can have its calming sensations available to me on the go!

2. Alleviates Headaches

I would almost always recommend using a carrier oil instead of applying an essential oil straight to my skin. However, if you feel a headache (including migraines) coming on, take one drop of lavender oil and rub it in between your palms. Take your palms over your nose and inhale!

3. Treats Skin Problems

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Adding lavender flowers to your tea can help some skin conditions such as acne, and some people may add a few drops of lavender to a skin oil or other moisturizer.

4. Eases Muscle Pain and Tension

Create a massage oil with fifteen drops of lavender oil and two tablespoons of carrier oil (for example, jojoba oil). Make sure to tend to your skin, because what may work for some might not work for you. Massage the oil where any pain or tension is felt.

5. Combats Insomnia

To help achieve a peaceful rest, add a few drops of lavender oil to your pillowcase, ten drops your bathwater, or the recommended number of drops to your oil diffuser. When I add lavender oil to my bathwater, I also use my lavender soap for a double dose of relaxation!

Although lavender oil has been used for thousands of years, there are still more studies that need to be done to support many of the benefits claimed. Lavender oil is not regulated through the US Food and Drug Administration. Please be sure to test lavender oil on your skin to avoid an allergic reaction or skin irritation. I have not met one person who has had a negative reaction, so this is rare in my experience. However, I must disclose the possibility. Lavender oil may cause drowsiness. Please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medication.

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