Yoga with Amb: Neglect

Yoga with Amb: Neglect

by @ambthegoddess

Today I am not writing with the normal light that radiates through my fingers as I type. Everything has not been all peaches and cream. I feel so blessed to have recently witnessed the three unions of three of my dear friends’ weddings. One of which I was my best friend’s maid of honor and another, a last-minute bridesmaid. I also accompanied my friend on her week-long honeymoon in California to babysit her fifteen-month old with my nine-month old. All of this while adjusting to my new job and of course, mommy duties. Next thing I know I suddenly begin to struggle more with finding time for my blog. I feel like I am neglecting my other non-human baby!

Not only have a not posted in a whole month, but I have also been slacking on the yoga side! In the months of April and May, I have probably practiced yoga a total of twentyish days. I started April of strong with Adriene‘s (super amazing YouTube yoga instructor) Dedicate 30-Day Yoga Challenge. I had a plan to commit to each day on every single day of April. Welp, as you have read, my plan did not go as planned. Before April, I was really consistent with my yoga. However, I do not think I was ready for a daily yoga challenge.

The beauty of YouTube Yoga is the flexibility, privacy, and control. If the baby just laid down for a nap, I might choose a thirty-minute video. If I am trying to get my practice in before work and am pressed for time, I can choose a video that is five minutes. The Dedicate yoga videos were about 20-30 minutes. There were days I was not able to prioritize that amount of time. The more days I skipped, the easier it felt to think I’ll catch up “tomorrow“.

Although I lightly use the word “easy”, this brought a lot of anxiety to me. I felt the mental and physical affects of not doing yoga. I felt more scatterbrained and less flexible. I was anxious knowing I was backtracking right on back to where I started. I felt like all my dedication and time was wasted. I am expressing this attitude of disappointment in past tense, because I am redirecting my mindset today. I started back with Adriene’s Yoga For Flexibility video (a favorite of mine) this morning. This video is only sixteen minutes and great for beginners. Although, I could not stretch as far, it felt so amazing to get back in the game.

I decided to share my journey publicly, but I feel embarrassed to share my downfalls. I knew I suffered with my commitment long before I started this blog, so I did not expect perfection. This does not mean it hurts any less. I vowed to be transparent with you all, so we could experience this together. Now, you get to watch me dust myself off and try again!

Love and Light,


P.S. On a positive note, I have been staying consistent with other important parts of my journey. I have been doing a fantastic job with skin care routine and my finances. I am still so proud of myself!

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