Getting Skintimate

Getting Skintimate

by @ambthegoddess

Oh what a complex post for my dear insecurities! I curated this blog to be real for any single human being who found worth in the information I share. I hesitate, debate, fear, and ponder the subjects I post, especially when I feel I am exposing myself. However, I told myself I wanted to be authentic and transparent. Anybody who has seen my face most likely knows the struggle is real when it comes to acne and dark spots. As I invite you all to view and even participate in my self love quest, I must keep you all updated on my new skin care journey!

I have no idea the last time my skin was clear. My parents were more committed than me when they took me to the dermatologist and bought endless skin care products. To be honest, I have no idea if any of it would have worked, because none of it was used consistently. It was only until recently that I made my skin a priority. I have always been able to use good lighting and filters to take pictures that did not show my acne that well. So I tried my best to fish through my photos and found some to give you all an idea of the struggle.

These pictures range from 2016 to 2017; I have not seen much progress until now 2019! First and foremost, the absolute most important is consistency! Falling asleep with makeup on, eating trash all the time, and not drinking water really shows on my face. I dug within and found the discipline to change my lifestyle. I stopped eating cow dairy products (transitioning to fully plant based). This probably affected my skin the most! Every morning and night (with the occasional screw up), I commit to my skin care routine (video below)!!!!! Last but certainly not least, I upped my water intake (slowed down on the juice and almost completely eliminated pop).


Side note: The video’s background music is from the song Repetition by Ivory. You can purchase or listen on Apple and Spotify.

My skin is nowhere near my skin goals, BUT it is closer from when I started. That was enough motivation for me to post this. I cannot WAIT until my skin is clear, and yes, I am speaking this into existence! Stay tuned my loves.

Love and Light,


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  1. Your skin looks so amazing! I definitely need to hop on this skin journey with you girl. Once upon a time ago i cut out pop and drank only water (occasionally drank juice), I also ate so healthy and worked out like crazy! My skin was so flawless when I did that. Love this post, totally motivating me to get back on that journey!!

  2. Your skin looks amazing! I have found over the years that consistency is key. I would follow a routine have amazing skin and then give up and it would go back to being bad. Sticking to your routine every day is so important!

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