Growing Roses from Concrete

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Growing Roses From Concrete

by @ambthegoddess

I’m sure many of you have been a fly on the wall observing a child before. You might be watching them run their favorite race car across the couch trying their best to master motor noise imitations. You might watch them sing the opening credits to their favorite cartoon as they emulate dance moves. I, myself, have been in utter awe as I watch and I must admit, sometimes envious! Not one single soul can convince me magic does not exist. Children are some of the most magical beings I have ever encountered. (I am a dog lover, who also feels a slightly similar way about dogs!)

What happens when the child’s car speeds up and suddenly the child trip over another car leading to a huge OWWWWWWW, followed by the waterworks. What do we see after brother and sister prepare for their final dance move, and one of their teeth bites down on another’s elbow! RESILIENCE! Five minutes later, they are asking for more grapes or looking for their baby doll. Unfortunately, resiliency does not come as innately as we mature. However, I wholeheartedly believe I deserve to be more resilient.

Until recently, I only associated the word resilience with massive traumatic events. I pictured a little girl laughing with her friends after being abused only hours ago. Do I think she is healed? Absolutely not, but a smile is a start. Now, I am directing this same energy to the smaller issues of life.

A couple weeks ago, I drove my car through the branches of a tree that fell across the street without street lights. I was upset, but I knew the damage was not that bad, so I choose not to stress over it. The very next day, the power goes out in my house. My phone’s battery was on the dreadful verge of dying; I immediately go outside to charge it in my car. When I return to my car after letting it charge, not only did my car not start, but MY PHONE WAS AT 4%. I couldn’t help but smile. Now I knew I was getting tested. Challenge accepted, I thought to myself. I kept my cool, and got my car back in action.

Oh darling, please wait… there’s more. The test continues…

After about a week, I awaken to a flat tire! I go to GetGo (for the free air of course lol), I couldn’t get the darn thing to work. So, I go to a tire spot in the hood, and get it plugged. A couple days later, my exact same tire is flat AGAIN. At this point, I am obviously angry. I drive back to the guy who plugged it the first time, because it did not feel like a coincidence. He told me he would take care of it even though he did not feel like it was his fault. A sigh of relief trickled down my face like a waterfall. That is, until I had to reject him when he asked me on a date and he decided to charge me. I just kept my Hakuna Matata attitude. Even after all of this, my low tire pressure alert still flashed across my dashboard.

I accepted my innate frustration and let it pass. (Look up Teflon mind.)

I still felt my smile slipping through the cracks. I was about to lose my mind. I could have reacted rashly leading to a snowball of chaos. I decided to stay in the moment.

Next, thing you know the money for the new tires I so desperately needed found it’s way to me. I got my tires, and my car rides like a magic carpet. It’s great to focus on the positive of life, but there is no escaping pain. We have to be resilient and keep our “bounce back” game strong!

Love and Light,


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