Precious Mammaries Classic Necklace Review

Precious Mammaries Review: Breast Milk Drop Classic Necklace

by @ambthegoddess

My Breastfeeding Journey

My daughter is the epitome of the word precious. She has a gentle, but magical energy. It is almost impossible for you to look at her and let the corners of your mouth sink. The mother-daughter bond is the foundation that sets the tone for our babies’ first perception of love. From singing sweet melodies to our babies in the womb to flowing liquid gold out of our bodies for their nourishment. I have always seen angelic illustrations of breastfeeding painted in the media. They have led me to believe babies latching on to the nipple was effortless. What I haven’t seen is the painful truth I, along with many other moms, have experienced. My first two weeks of breastfeeding following my baby’s birth were an absolute nightmare.
Don’t get me wrong though, I was infatuated with how our spirits bonded. The chest-to-chest connection is beyond science. However, the physical hardships brought me to tears. I kept struggling with lipstick nipple, which means my nipple would be shaped like lipstick because my baby’s latch was not deep enough. My poor nipples couldn’t handle it; they began to crack, peel, and bleed. I remember feeling like I lit my nipple on fire everytime I tried to shove it into my daughter’s mouth. She would wail and wail as I built up to strength to attempt the latch over and over. Before being a mother, I would mommy shame others in my head. I would wonder why would any mother choose formula over breast milk when it is said to be healthier for the baby and of course, FREE. Dear Formula Moms, I APOLOGIZE. I support your decision now sis. Once I went through those first two weeks of horror, I completely understood why any mom would want to quit. Breastfeeding was worse than labor for me. I was not mentally prepared for the pain at all! Every mom does not have this struggle, but in case someone reading this that can relate, just know it was all worth it for me. My baby’s latch is awesome now, and feeding is smooth sailing!

As much as we want to bury the struggle deep and far away and only be seen as supermoms, I think it is important to always view the struggle as strength. As mothers, we have to hurdle over hindrance after hindrance with grace and precision. We have to be on point all the time because the mommy shaming never stops. I don’t want to forget the special connection that happens during breastfeeding, and I definitely do not want to forget all the challenges I overcame. My goal is to be completely and utterly in love with every single part of me, even the “flaws”. Precious Mammaries has a perfect way to make our most special moments as tangible as they might get. The owner, Rachel offers a unique way to literally hold breast milk dear to our hearts via breast milk jewelry! Relax your eyebrows lol! You probably are just as confused as me when I first heard of breast milk jewelry. I’m like What in the WORLD! It is exactly how it reads; jewelry customized with your own personal breast milk.

My first worry was about the milk itself. Will it start to smell? Will it change colors? How long will I be able to wear this jewelry? The website assures us that there is an entire process that prevents the milk from discoloring, rotting, or molding when the care instructions are followed. The FAQ pages always come through for me! Click here for Precious Mammaries’s FAQ page to find the answers to any other confusion you might have.

Now let’s get into options, because breast milk jewelry isn’t the only one here. Precious Mammaries offers custom jewelry and soap made with breast milk, placenta, a lock of hair, ashes, or a combination. So obviously, this is not just for moms. Although I love simple jewelry, I know everybody has different styles. Lucky for us, Precious Mammaries offers different types of styles of jewelry that fit every attitude. You can add dried flowers, glitter/shimmer, metallic gravel, sea shells, ayahuasca, or silver/gold/rose gold metallic foil flakes. There are different metal options (silver/steel) and lengths. And hold on to your wigs for this one because they will get snatched, ENGRAVING! I feel like I have butterflies in my heart!


I have the pleasure of owning my own Precious Mammaries breast milk jewelry now! My Breast Milk Drop Classic Silver Necklace is made with my actual breast milk from my actual boob!
Here is my honest review video:

After I ordered on their website, I got instructions on shipping my milk. I was so happy I could get my necklace from anywhere in the world, because I live in a different state from the business. Rachel was so professional and prompt even though it was the holiday season. I received my necklace super quick! As you see, I am freaking obsessed over this jewelry. Believe it or not, I felt a tear coming when I opened that box. This necklace is more than just an accessory for me; it has sentimental value! Normally, once the breast milk dries up, IT’S GONE! As long as this necklace stays in our family, it can live forever now. Everlasting love baby!

Check out Precious Mammaries’s website, or their social media @yourbreastmilk to place an order, find more information, or even show some love. Whenever you’re ready to place that order, don’t forget to use our special discount code ‘solflower’ for 10% off your purchase!
Love and Light,


Disclosure: Solflower received this necklace in exchange for an honest review. I will still only recommend products and services that I agree with and feel would intrigue my readers. This is strictly my opinion! For more information please read the full Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I love it! What a fantastic idea. I wish they had this jewelry when I was breastfeeding years ago. I appreciate your blog and you sharing such a special moment. I think this would make a super cool baby shower gift too. You are a very talented writer and I enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks

  2. This is such a great idea, I wish I could’ve done but with my next baby I will. I love how you’ll be able to keep this necklace forever and I know Soli will cherish this. She’s toooo cute in the video! Great review!! <3

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