Yoga with Amb: Day One

Yoga with Amb: Day One

by @ambthegoddess

Every time someone expresses a problem in their life, nine times out of ten I am responding, “There’s yoga for that!” Trust me, I’m hip to the yoga magic! Pretty much every single goals list and to-do list I make has yoga and meditate on there! However, I never really commit. Just add this to the long list of non-commitment by Amber! I know in order to see the best results, I have to do yoga routinely! Well I know you all see a lot of bomb yogis with bomb yoga videos. I am just starting out with the basics though, so beginners like me can be encouraged a little more! Basically you are about to see the “Before” before the “After” lol.

My yoga journey is starting off with four goals:


As you will see in the video, I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees! I was a HUGE student-athlete for most of my life. My coaches never understood why I wasn’t flexible. I stretched every day and still struggled. I always wanted to be flexible, because there was always a gracefulness to it. My ultimate goal is to do a split!


You may not be able to tell (I sped the video up to avoid boring you to death), but my knees buckled a little lol. I have barely worked out in years. I am definitely out of shape. First step is admitting my problem right? LOL! I can seriously barely do a push-up now. I’ve always been innately strong, but that might have something to do with my 5’9″ 160 lbs frame! I can’t wait for yoga to get me right!


I am one of those people who are constantly obsessing over a long list of fears. I just so happen to fear almost everything that can happen to the body as it transforms into “elderly form”. The idea of me having a hunchback haunts me!!! I always catch myself slouching; I try to correct it immediately. My back could use some work though. I really hope yoga can undo any damage already done.


I struggle big time with depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is one of my favorite coping skills! Yoga keeps my mind in the presence where I struggle to keep it. Since I am not advanced to lead my own yoga yet, I use YouTube videos as a guide. (I always go at my own pace though.) This time I searched “yoga for depression and anxiety” and chose a Yoga with Adriene video! I feel more at peace after just fifteen minutes! I can only imagine the effects after I discipline myself to consistent yoga!
Welp here’s Day 1:
Nothing fancy! You get to see the real though! Bantu knots, no make-up and all (with an occasional mommy stretch mark and nip slip somewhere in there too lol)! I’m really trying to stretch this new mom excuse (even though it’s almost been five months), so cut me some slack please! 
***Definitely wanted one of my tapestries in the back with some candles going for the vibe. I’m fully aware this isn’t aesthetically pleasing! Once my baby fell asleep, I just knew I had to start while I had the chance! It is what it is!***
Keep checking for updates.
Love and Light,

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